Welcome to our family web site:

This is the home of the Bell Family, or at least that part of it that lives in a little village in Northamptonshire called Stanwick.

In this version of the site, which, for the technically minded, has been re-written using HTML5 & CSS3, media is displayed by linking to content on Microsoft OneDrive. The reason is quite simple; we have 7 gigabyte on OneDrive, it doesn't cost anything, it is an organised structure which is easy to maintain and it is presented in an easy to use format. So, on the photo pages, you will see picture links to the subject matter; when you click on the link a new window (or tab) will open to a photo page.

Click on a thumbnail and the photo will come up in, relatively, high definition. You can then use the arrows or the bottom strip to view the photos and occasional video.

Be aware that videos we post to OneDrive tend to be high quality and, therefore, large so they may take some time to stream; You can, of course, just start them playing but they may pause a bit on the first time through.

Please feel free to visit Alan's blog for the occasional thought, which includes a few insights into the technology he uses and the occasional rant about things in the news that annoy him.

Enjoy our site Alan & Mary